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Private Classes
At Dance Café we feel that private classes are best suited to students who have completed 2 or 3 levels of Ballroom. Private classes are very intense. Novices have too little technique to really benefit from the scrutiny they’ll get in a private class. Ballroom dancing is a very social art which is best learned as part of a group. However, should you be in a situation that prevents you from attending a group class or you are more advanced and desire to work on your technique, we have some hours during the week that we keep available for private classes.


Wedding Dances
We suggest wedding couples take at least one session of Ballroom in preparation for their wedding. After that we are happy to work with them in private classes to finesse their wedding dance. This approach makes for a very successful dance experience with the added bonus that the couple learns how to dance - something that may become an enduring passion.


DJ Services
Are you having an event and you’d like great music that doesn’t drive one generation or another home early but instead appeals to the broadest audience possible? You'd like music that‘s enjoyed by everyone who bought a ticket or brought a gift? Or perhaps it’s a very personal event and you want to enhance it with just the right mix of music. Dance Café can provide the perfect playlist for fundraisers, dances, anniversaries, corporate events - any occasion. We have a huge library of dance music of every type, as well as jazz, popular favourites, classical, blues, and contemporary. If we don’t have your favourite songs we’ll get them. We know what people want to hear during dinner and what kind of music will get the experienced dancer and the non-dancer up and swinging. We’d love to help make that special event musically perfect!

Each event is quoted individually.

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