Husband and wife team Dieter Hessel and Colleen Clancey have been dancing
together for twenty-eight years. They dance all the wonderful social dances - Ballroom,
Latin, Swing and Argentine Tango. They are passionate about social dancing as an art
distinctly different from performance or competition dancing. All are wonderful
but each requires a different set of skills and attitudes. Social dancing must,
first of all, feel great and it will look great as a consequence.

Colleen & Dieter have been teaching Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Argentine Tango for
nineteen years. They emphasize good technique in all their classes and consider
partner connection and musicality to be of key importance. That everyone develops
a repertoire and style that resonates with them is also very important. The point is
to enjoy dancing and the more organic it is the more fun it will be.

Social dancing is also just that - social. They would love to see people rediscover
dancing as an integral part of their social life. With this goal in mind
they produce dance evenings on a regular basis including practice nights
with a class, DJ'd dances and Big Band evenings featuring an 18-piece Swing orchestra.

Let's dance!


Amadeus Choir Concert, May 15, 2010    
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